Kit’s Nature Days Quest!

Fly with you! It’s Celeste Magicshadow here. We know that there is a Mermaid Party happening now, but since the Mermaid Party is for members and Fauna isn’t a member yet, we can’t post it :(. But don’t worry non-members! ๐Ÿ™‚ There is also something special for us to do!

Kit has a new paw-some quest for all fairies, which is called “Water Pledge”. Kit needs us to help Nature in Nature Days (or Earth Day in the mainland)! Just visit Kit in Evergreen Overlook. After that, click “Ask Kit for a new quest”, then choose “Water Pledge”. Here’s the in depth quest guide :

Kit : Hey pixie pal, have you heard? A special time is dawning upon us – it’s Nature Days!

Kit : To celebrate this wonderful event, I’m inviting you to become a friend of water and take a simple pledge to protect this valuable resource – and make a difference!

Kit : It’s and easy and fun way to help Nature and keep the mainland beautiful! You know, like turning off the water while brushing your teeth, or shortening your shower by a minute or two, or tightening faucets.

Kit : Come up with a list of things you’d like to pledge to do to help. Then each day, do your best to do one of them. You know, even the smallest things quickly add up. Ready to give it a try?

Step 1 of 1

Put together a list of things you’ll pledge to do to save water and help Nature. Do your best at getting one thing done on your list each day. Check it off your list every time you do it!

Story So Far

Help Nature by making a pledge list to help conserve water. Get one of those things done each day to help the environment!

Chose YES.

Kit : Flaptastic! Put together a pledge list on paper or on a computer right now. Try to do one thing on your list every day!

Now, it’s time for you to make the pledge! Don’t know what to write in the pledge? Here are some ideas from several fairies in Pixie Hollow :

“Another tip I have to save water is to not use a hose for washing your bike, if you have to. Hope this helps!” Karina Twinklesky

“use less water like when you take a bath or shower i should learn to do that and you can save power by washing dishes not using the dishwasher.” Rose Fashion Diva

“Hahaha sometimes when it rains we collect water from it to water our plants and it saves a lot of water!” Eddy Oakmeadow

“We hang our bath towels over our shower rod and dry them so we can use them again. Otherwise, I think my mom would be washing towels everyday! Plus, if my dad doesn’t use all of his coffee, we pour that into our houseplants, they really love it!” Pumpkin

Those are some flitteriffic ideas from several fairies in Pixie Hollow. Now, after you finish making a pledge, go back to Kit’s Place 24 hours after she gave you the quest. Here’s the continued in depth questย  guide :

Kit, are you around?

Kit : Here I am! Let me know how it went. Have you been celebrating Nature Days by doing the things on your pledge list?

Choose I sure did!

Kit : Silvermist will be so excited to hear about your pledge!

Kit : Looking for pledge list ideas? You’ll find a few in the Never News!

After completing the quest, you’ll receive a special badge from Kit and also a 5 talent points! Yay!

Image:2013 Nature Days.png

Description : A special badge for all Fairies who help Kit during Nature Days!

See? Helping Nature is so much fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Don’t forget to always do the things in your pledge!

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The Tinker Talent Fairy ๐Ÿ™‚


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