New Event Soon!

Fly with you! It is Celeste Magicshadow here, telling you that there’s gonna be a new event soon! As Sweet Pea said in the events section, there will be an event, called “Animal Mother’s Day”. Sweet Pea said that we can do a lot of tinker-tastic things to do, such as :

  • Earn adorable badges by taking care of baby animals in Springtime Orchard, Maple Tree Hill, Snowcap Glade and Sunflower Gully.
  • Dress up like a cuddly critter and perform in “Cheese’s Great Adventure” at Fairy Tale Theater.
  • Pick up an cute kitty cap in the Ballroom.
  • Help Rosetta on her new quest to earn the 2013 Animal Mother’s Day badge.
  • Shop for baby animal Silly Sweets at Harmony’s Sweet Shop!
  • Visit with Fawn and the Pixie Pals! Check the calendar for details!

So, if you wanna do the stuff in the event, fly to Pixie Hollow between May 2nd to 15th.

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The tinker talent fairy 🙂


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