New Animal Friend

Guess what? Kit has announced a new animal friend!! And guess what it is… it’s a butterfly! This animal friend is very special, because this animal is already full grown, because if it were still little, it would’ve still been a caterpillar :D! According to the animal expert Kit, these butterflies are always happy and healthy, because of their carefree attitude. But you still need to feed them Lily Petals, though.  Also, these butterflies give you gifts which are different from the ones given from other animal friends. They give seed packets, dyes, and also…. dun dun dun….. PIXIE DIAMONDS! They usually give 1,3, or 5 pixie diamonds. But it’s very rare though, so you might need to cross your wings to get that item.

A butterfly costs 120 lily petals or 60 pixie diamonds. Here are the colors of the butterflies you can choose :


And the purple one

And the purple one

So, will you buy a butterfly for your fairy?

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The tinker talent fairy 🙂


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