Camp Pixie Dust Coming Soon!

Hiya pixies! Celeste Magicshadow here! I’m so sorry that I couldn’t post the Garden Tea Party, since I’ve been very busy doing stuff in the mainland. Now, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite events of the year which is : CAMP PIXIE DUST! Camp pixie dust is basically summer camp in the mainland, but it’s given a smidge of a pixie twist, to make it fit for a pixie! Flitterific!

According to Sweet Pea’s post, what you can do in camp pixie dust are :

  • New Fairy troop uniforms at Cassie’s Costumes!
  • A new Lyria tale in Fairy Tale Theater!
  • Secret troop hideouts hidden in select meadows!
  • Themed camp weeks including Wilderness Explorer Weeks, Flower Power Weeks, Camp Crafts Weeks, Pixie Party Weeks, and the End-of-Summer Sparkler, of course!
  • Lots of new badges to earn!
  • Brand-new Camp Challenges to participate in with your troop!
  • New quests from Fawn, Rosetta, Tink, Silvermist, and Iridessa!
  • Plus the return of the Ballroom pool and camp crafts from last year!

Hmm…it seems that there this year’s camp pixie dust will be brand new and a bit different from last year’s. This event will be tinker-tastic!

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The Tinker Talent Fairy 🙂


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