Join your troops in Camp Pixie Dust! (Part 1 : Signing up and the first challenge)

Fly with you, pixies of the Hollow! The camp pixie dust is finally here, and I’m going to show you the very first thing you can do (and the very first challenge!) in this year’s Camp Pixie Dust, which is signing up, of course! To sign up, first of all you need to visit Havendish Square and find a flashing black quill near the Pixie Postings.

sign up

The quill

After you’ve found the quill, click on it and it will stop flashing.

Poor quill...

Poor quill…

By doing those steps you will be signed up in Camp Pixie Dust and get a tinker-tastic badge! Here’s how the badge looks :


Now, for the challenge. This year, there will be lots of challenges in Camp Pixie Dust, where you can compete with other troops and win badges. The troops you will join in is according to your talent. Animal-talents join Troop Rabbit, water-talents join Troop Otter, garden-talents join Troop Butterfly, tinker-talents (like me!) join Troop Turtle, and light-talents join Troop Glowworm.

And this week’s challenge is….signing up! Yes, it is! And the troops with the most sign-ups will be announced this Thursday! I will update this post to tell you the winner later.

Which troop do you think will win? Leave a comment!

EDIT : The winner of the first challenge has been announced! And the winner is…..Troop Butterfly! Aww, my troop didn’t win, but congratulations garden-talents! I asked one of my friends who is a gaden-talent for the photo of her badge. She said that the badge is in the ‘honors’ section.

signup winnerOnce again I say congratulations for Troop Butterfly and keep trying for the other troops! See ya in the next challenge!

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The Tinker Talent Fairy 🙂


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