Join Your Troops in Camp Pixie Dust (Part 3 : Lyria’s Tales)

Fly with you, fairy campers! My name is Fauna Bumblebee, and I can’t believe this is my first post in this blog! Now, every year Lyria has a tale to tell every hour. This year, the tale is about the Never Unicorn!

Lyria : Greetings, Fairies and Sparrow Men!lyria

Lyria : You’ve all flown here today for a campfire story

Lyria : But this is more than a story — this is real pixie history!

Lyria : It’s happening right now during Camp Pixie Dust

Lyria : And it doesn’t happen often, that you can trust

Lyria : Yes, only once out of every one-thousand years

Lyria : This amazingly fantastical creature appears

Lyria : She’s sweet and beautiful and noble and true

Lyria : And she flies on pixie dust, so she’s magical too!

Lyria : She’s a winged white stallion adorned with a horn

Lyria : Everyone she’s met calls her the Never Unicorn!

Lyria : Whenever she visits our green little Hollow

Lyria : This Camp marks the one-thousandth year

Lyria : Since we saw the fabulous Never Unicorn here

Lyria : And I’m happy to announce how lucky we are

Lyria : The Never Unicorn has returned from afar!

Lyria : She’ll stay through Camp Pixie Dust but is VERY hard to find,

Lyria : She’s shy and she’s gentle, but her heart is pure and kind.

Lyria : The Never Unicorn is difficult to locate, that is true

Lyria : But ask the mentor Fairies how they found her, and you might too!

Lyria : So ends my story. I hope you enjoyed it!

Lyria : …for those showing their Camp Pixie Dust pride!

Lyria : Our story has come to a close.

Lyria : Thank you all for coming. I hope to see you again.

If you are a member and/or a Diamond user, you can earn a critter-riffic badge, which is called ‘Unicorn Tale’. To acquire the badge, first you must buy a Troop Uniform top.


The animal-talent troop top

Then, go to the fairy tale theater to watch Lyria’s Unicorn Tale. After you’ve finished, you’ll get the badge!

The Unicorn Tale badge

The Unicorn Tale badge

Happy Flapping,

Fauna Bumblebee

The Animal Talent Fairy


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