Join Your Troops in Camp Pixie Dust! (Part 5 : The Ballroom and it’s gift)

Fly with you, pixies! I’m Fauna Bumblebee the animal-talent fairy! In this post I’m going to tell you about how the ballroom looks like in Camp Pixie Dust and what you can get. Please note that only member fairies can enter the ballroom. The ballroom has been transformed into a swimming pool!

The ballroom is now a swimming pool! :O

The ballroom is now a swimming pool! :O

The gift you can get in the ballroom matches with the ballroom theme, which is a rubber ducky. This wardrobe item is located in the center of the ballroom.

The rubber ducky location

The rubber ducky location

After you click on the rubber ducky, it will disappear and will be inside the ‘belts’ section in the wardrobe in the leaf journal.

rubber ducky

Duckbill Orange Rubber Ducky Tube Description : Make a splash with this fun summer toy

This is how the rubber ducky looks when you wear it.

rubber ducky

As usual, you’ll get some rare ingredient bunches in the ballroom you can’t find in other meadows. This time, the bunches are lily petal bunches. There are 4 lily petal bunches. 2 of them on the right, and 2 on the left.

lily petal location 2 lily petal location 2lily petal location 1

You’ll also get badges after collecting these bunches several times (members only). lily petal bunchessuper lily petal bunchesflitterific lily petal bunches

That’s all for now and I hope you are enjoying Camp Pixie Dust!!!

Happy flapping,

Fauna Bumblebee

The Animal Talent Fairy


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