Join Your Troops in Camp Pixie Dust (Part 8 : The Camp Craft Challenge!)

Hiya pixies! This is Celeste Magicshadow! Here I’m going to tell you my possibly favorite week and challenge! Why is that so? It’s because this week is ALL about……..TINKERING!!! (and I ❤ Tinkering :P) This challenge started on July 30.

In this challenge you must practice tinker 5 patterns. You will then get a badge. Here’s how the badge looks like :

Creative Crafting badge

As usual, the winners of the Camp Craft Challenge will get a special badge. The winners will get a special badge! The winners will be announced on August 8. I’ll edit this post to tell the winner later. Who do you think will win the challenge? 😉 Tell me and Fauna which troop will win using this poll :

You’ll be able to answer using the poll until the winner is announced :).


Kit has just announced the winner of the Camp Craft Challenge! And the winner is….. Troop Rabbit! Congrats, animal-talents (including Fauna), and keep trying for the other troops! Fauna gave a photo of the badge, and here it is :

Creative Crafting Winner badge

See ya on the next challenge which is Pixie Party starting next week! I wonder what we should do there?

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The Tinker Talent Fairy 🙂


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