Join Your Troops in Camp Pixie Dust! (Part 10 : Pixie Party Challenge and the Winners!)

Fly with you, pixies! We’ve just had the quickest challenge in this year’s Camp Pixie Dust! The challenge started on August 13 and ended the next day! A very quick challenge indeed ;). The winners of the challenge were announced on August 15. But first, let’s see how we can earn the Pixie Party badge (since that we can still earn it!).

To earn this badge, first you must buy a Summer Party decoration in Phoebe’s Party Favors. This party costs 15 Daisy Petals (for members) or 3 Pixie Diamonds. The decoration will be inside your pouch in the ‘Party Decorations’ section. To start to party, go to your fairy home, then click on the “Host a Party” button on the right side of the screen.

host a party

After clicking the button, this will appear on top of the screen :

start party!

Choose ‘Summer Party’ and click the on the arrow on the right. You’ll then be asked what the party will be named. After choosing the name, you’re party will be automatically started and you’ll get the Pixie Party badge!

Pixie Party badge

Now, the winners of this challenge are…. the water talents in Troop Otter! Congrats, otters! 🙂 The otters get a splash-tastic badge found in the ‘Honors’ section in the Leaf Journal as the prize.

Pixie Party Winner badge

Hooray! It seems that all the troops had won a challenge! So, I guess it’s even! Hooray for all of the troops!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 You all did a very good job in the Camp Pixie Dust challenges! See ya in the last event of Camp Pixie Dust, which is End of Summer Sparkler!

See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The Tinker-Talent Fairy 🙂


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