Fauna Bumblebee


Fly with you, pixies! My name is Fauna Bumblebee, and I’m Celeste Magicshadow’s best friend! I have a brother (Erik Lightningjewel – a tinker-talent) and a sister (Flora Rosegarden – a garden-talent). They’ll sometimes help out with the blog.  And I also have a pet hummingbird named Sweetfeather. I’m an animal-talent fairy, and I love the color brown. Me and my siblings are members in Pixie Hollow — sometimes, and other times we’re free-player fairies. We don’t really like crowded places (except for Erik – he likes meeting new friends in Hidden Ridge). Flora’s fave server is Seedling Forest, and mine is Magnolia Reef. When you see us, don’t forget to say hi!

In this blog, I’m going to post about the critter-riffic things that members and diamond users can do, when I’m a member. If not, I’m not going to post anything. To know more about me :), just click here to see my pixie page.

Happy Flapping,

Fauna Bumblebee

The Animal Talent Fairy

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