Secret Codes

What’s a secret code?

A secret code is a code that you can find from Disney products.


How can you redeem a secret code?

1. Click the Pixie Hollow Secret Codes link on the bottom of the Pixie Hollow World or Pixie Central page.




2. After you click it, you’ll see the Pixie Hollow Secret Codes page.








3. Type the secret code.

4. You’ll be told of what thing you’ve got.

5. Enjoy your stuff!

P.S. A secret code can only be redeemed once.


But I don’t know any secret codes!

It’s okay. I’ll tell you some. And…oh yeah, when you type these codes, ALL of your fairies will get them.

If you type flower, you’ll get:

5 Flower Trail Silly Sweets (Silly Sweets)

Description : A flutter of flower petals will trail behind you after tasting this delicious delight.

If you type derby, you’ll get:

Rosetta Red Snappy Racing Helmet (Wardrobe Item)

Description : Protect your noodle with style!

If you type 165488, 259179, 293015, 303228, 362016, 406060, or 624149, you’ll get:

Daffodil Yellow Rose Cami (Wardrobe Item)

Description : One of Rosetta’s favorites!

If you type 130408, 161373, 259965, 382593, 409826, 530413, 547694, 633877, 716585, 747906, 

767130, 872638, 923954, or 947774, you’ll get:

Daffodil Yellow Sparkle Poppy Skirt (Wardrobe Item)

Description : Elegance inspired by butterfly wings.


If you type 118337, 207251, 412725, 495692, 572031, 585047, 679335, 947873, or 947954, you’ll get:

Watermelon Pink Stargazer Pendant (Wardrobe Item)

<Image and description coming soon>

If you type 106510, you’ll get:

Watermelon Pink Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace (Wardrobe Item)

<Description coming soon>

If you type rose, acorn, clover, daisy, ivy, lily, or tulip, you’ll get:

5 Lily Petals

*Note : EACH of the codes for lily petals can be redeemed once. So if you typed acorn, you can still type the others.*

If you type revelry, you’ll get:

50 Maple Leaves

If you type style, you’ll get:

Firefly Cuff (Wardrobe Item)

<Image and description coming soon>

There will be more coming soon!


See ya round the waterfall,

Celeste Magicshadow

The Tinker Talent Fairy 🙂


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