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Summer Splash Party! (click on pic to see post)

Camp Craft winners announced! Click here to see.


Fly with you, fairy friend! Welcome to Pixie Hollow Guides blog! There are tons of things you can find here. You can learn about the flap-tastic events happening in Pixie Hollow, and also the past events! Just click on the ‘Events’ button on top of this site. You can also see the brand new features and also new items found in Pixie Hollow! Just click on the ‘New Features’ and ‘New Items’ link in the categories section on the right side of this site.

In this very blog, you can find the (shh!) secret codes that you can use to unlock a bunch of things in Pixie Hollow! Plus, you can see how to get FREE membership! How flitter-riffic is that? Just click on the ‘Secret Codes’ and ‘Free Pixie Hollow Membership’ tabs on top of this site! 😉

To see who made this wonderful blog, click on the ‘Our Fairies’ tab on top of the site or look at the ‘Authors’ section on the right to see. So far, there are 2 fairies who are making this blog a reality. But who knows, there might be more on the way ;).

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